Thursday, February 26, 2009

I wanna do him!

I have a bad habit! :-) Whenever I see a cute guy, say while walking on the street or even in my office for that matter, I immediately try to mentally strip him down and have my way with him. I wish, if only I could make out with at least 99% of them! Wow, just imagine that hottie I see everyday, in his bikini brief, staring at me with his piercing eyes, almost waiting to pounce on me....I'm not even gonna finish that sentence! I'm just gonna have a happy party in my head.

I was talking to this guy the other who is working in the same firm as I am. Presently he is posted in the US. He told me the only reason that he hasn't contemplated leaving the company for greener pastures is because, our company supposedly has the best eye candy! Now, that's a unique reason, ain't it? So, you see, I have every reason to believe that I am i good company!

There are actually about half a dozen guys (some in my office and some chat friends) who are on my to-do list. I don't really know them personally or havn't met them. Yet, when I bump into them at office, sly glances are exchanged and sometimes smiles too. While chatting online with the rest, I just imagine myself to be with them and have a happy party in my head!

So, here's my to-do list for you all. :-)

1. There is this really good looking guy in my office who is a stunner in all respects. Tall, well shaped, impeccably well dressed and a killer smile. Every time I see him, I go weak in my knees. I would love to be in his arms. Sometimes I wish, if only I could just fake a fall from the stairs when he would be around and he would rush to hold me in his arms! Wow, wouldn't that just be awesome?

2. There is another one in my office, who has droopy eyes and a lean frame, almost seems that he is hungry to make love - that one is the second in my to-do list. He seems to be a little hairy but seems really well endowed! I caught a glimpse of his thing in the rest room once. LOL.

3. The third one is also from my work place. He is cute-as-hell, with long eyelashes, a dazzling smile and an utterly delicious behind! There have been so many instances where he has caught me staring at him and I have turned crimson red!

4. The fourth one is a guy from Goregaon. He has been away from Mumbai for some time now because of an assignment in Bangalore. He is hot as hell and apart from that he is a gem of a person too!

5. The fifth one is a Punjabi guy from Chembur. I came across him just a few days ago accidentally and we have had quite a few chat sessions ever since. He is totally my kinda guy. Good looking, adventurous, level headed, smooth talker and is passionate about sex. :-) Hope to meet him soon.

6. The sixth one is a guy from Mahim. He has a killer body. I would so like to melt away in his arms even if it just for once.

There are a few more but I think they have become rather insignificant with time. I so wish that my to-do list translates into some real action soon! The guys from office, well, could be beyond my reach but I surely want to make it really special for the other three.Let me keep my fingers crossed! :-)

Monday, February 02, 2009

I wish to be reborn...

I wish to be reborn...
As a 'normal' guy,
Perhaps, life would be a lot easier.
And not so dry.

They say I'm abnormal.
I wonder, am I?
Why does it matter to me?
Why does it make me cry?

Why do I care so much...
About what the world says?
Why is it so hard to find...
The nights of my endless days?

Why am I born this way?
Is it a curse that haunts me?
Is it a bane of a misdeed?
Or a way in which life taunts me?

I've heard love exists everywhere.
Then, why is it hard to find?
Is it because I am not worth it,
Or because I am simply blind?

They say 'our' life is unnatural,
It would lead us nowhere.
It's a story of looks and lust,
Of loneliness and despair.

I've still not found love,
Not found the ONE.
Yet, I've not given up,
My work's still not done.

They tell me to get married,
To some hapless poor girl.
Why, on earth should I do that,
And let myself ruin her world?

Yet, I don't have the courage
To live lonely till I die,
Perhaps, I have to become a ruthless man
And cover up the truth with a lie.

I pray to God to show me the way,
So that I don't hurt anyone.
But more so, I pray for myself,
So that I can find that someone.

I don't have much time in hand,
To decide what's good for me.
A lie, a compromise, a dual life?
Or a life of love forever to be?

Even if I find love,
How do I know it'll stay forever?
Maybe it'll wither away too
Just like a bunch of roses together.

Oh lord, make me find my love
And make it last till I die,
Give me the wisdom and the courage
To make it worth the try.

I give myself this chance,
To try and find a reason to live,
Before I resign to destiny,
Let me spend as much love as I can give.